Third Yahrzeit

Gerald’s third Yahrzeit was on 8 September 2014.

Family and friends gathered by his grave at Morasha Cemetery and then met at the family home in Ramat Hasharon.

Brenda and Max both spoke about Gerald

Brenda’s poem

My Dearest Black

Today I would like to say
THANK YOU to you

Thank you 
 For being the man you were
 For having your strong character
  and attributes
For your deep belief in your
  Basic Values
For having such clarity
   In right from wrong
   In justice, fairness and unfairness
For your commitment to your
  Family and work
Always offering and demanding
The best of yourself
And also of others

Thank you for maintaining
This high standard

The wonderful thing is -
That all this and more
Has actually

You have been able to
Inculcate this legacy
Into your children

With wonder - 
I have watched
Over these past three years -
Your children battling
With the loss
Of their father
Their mentor
Their close and strong
Supporter, counsellor
Their Pillar

In the face of the challenge
Of our not being here
They have drawn upon
 The infinite resources
You have left them
(Not without difficulty
And tears

Your values
Your concepts
Your love of mankind
Your R.I.C.H. philosophy
Your wealth of principles and actions
Your laughter
Your smile
The twinkle in your eye
Your jokes
Your ability to persevere
To find the balance
And to LOVE

Though absent - physically
You are here
Right here
With us

Your Spirit is
All around
For us to share in
And to celebrate in

You have touched us all
So deeply
No matter the relationship

YOU have brought us together
The love you have put out in the world
Is what has drawn us
Here - today

I am stunned
And quite overwhelmed
You have left me
Our wonderfully amazing
Loving and supportive

In addition
You have left me
An extended Family and Friends
Who - in their love for you
Have embraced me
Cared for me
And have shown me
The most meaningful bonds
Of Blood and Friendship

To you
You are

May your name and memory
Forever be blessed