Time passes 
And still 
No answers
"Why you?"

Five years ago
You left us 
And Hurting

The growing pains 
Of facing life
Without you
Have been 
And are still
So numerous
And challenging 

Yet you have
Undeniably been
So with us
Supporting us
With all that 
You imbued
In us -
Your family

Your children
Such beautiful 
Human Beings
Each one
A "Mensch"
A fulfillment
Of one of your 
Highest values

With great confidence 
I can tell you
That these values
Are being passed on
To the next generation 

You have succeeded
Beyond your
Wildest dreams
You have enriched
The lives of
Us all

The pain 
The gaping hole
The loss 
The emptiness 
Is forever 
There ---
We miss you 
So deeply
"It's so unfair!"

Drawing on your values 
Your capacity 
Of Friendship
And Love
Has given me
Incredible support
Among the Family
And has given me
Incredible support among the family
And our friends 

A man above men

We forever 
Cherish you
Your memory
Your deeds
Your legacy

יהי שמך ברוך