Second Yahrzeit

Gerald’s second Yahrzeit was on 20 August 2013.

Family and friends gathered by his grave at Morasha Cemetery

Eulogies were delivered by his daughter Tanya Lahav

Hay Papi!
Another year has gone by
Now I have stopped waiting for you
I feel the permanence of your no longer here
But still longing for you
Wanting your love and support
Needing your guidance and advice
Aching inside
Knowing I will never ever get it

This year has gone by so fast
So much has happened 
And all without YOU

During this year something very special has happened
A gift has been given to us,
Our daughter Shaily was born,
A real present to me and us all,
Just as she is called
שי – לי
And guess what?!
She has your eyes, 
Your beautiful blue eyes,
Full of love, understanding and patience,
Your eyes that told the whole story, without words
On one hand,
Shaily has given us all
complete happiness and enjoyment
On the other, 
the pain that she will never know you,
You will never hold her

Shaily is teaching me, that life goes on
And that this is simply the cycle of life
Happy and sad, sweet and bitter all at the same time

Papi, I miss you 
I really really wish you could be here,
I still have questions for you,
I still need your hugs
I simply want you here with us