Tanya Lahav

Dear Daddy! 
It has been a year????
It can't be, it still feels like yesterday,
I'm still looking for you,
Waiting for you to appear from around the corner.
Your parting from us hasn't yet sunk in.
Being a mother, a wife, a daughter, 
hasn't allowed me to let the fact that you have left sink in.
I need to keep strong, 
carry on, 
let life carry its course,
There is no real time to grief,
But now it is a year and I'm still looking for you,
When will I realize that there is no use to wait.

The times that reality hits me,
 is when I want to ask you
"what should I do?"
"How do I do that daddy?"
"What do you think?"
"Can you help me out?"
Every day we used to talk,
We used to share what we did that day,
How should we do things better
Or in a different way
If it were personal matters, 
business matters, 
or just life,
You where always there to say the right thing,
Or a pointer that makes one think 
and see things in a different light,
You just always knew how to give advice. 
And now, when those moments come,
Which are not so few,
I ask myself what would you say?
What should I really do?
Why can't you be here?
Why you?
Why have they taken such an amazing, clever, giving, intelligent, loving, caring person!!!
From all of the evil in this world, 
Why such a jewel has to be taken away?
Life is not fair,
You always told me so,
And now you have certainly showed me so.
Daddy, sometimes I dream of you, 
And never want to wake up,
You always give me your loving caring look 
And then just go away 
I know you don't want to,
Even till the last day,
You were fighting,
You knew what it meant
And wanted to stay.

But Papi, one thing I can say
You have left us all with
Your pearls of wisdom
Diamonds of love
And a golden way of seeing life
Daddy I love you and miss you soooo much!!
I send you my love everyday
And feel yours every moment