I recently had an amazing breathwork experience where I got to visualize you and hug you. I felt you were right there with me. It felt really good.

It’s been 7 years and I started making a list of what you’ve missed in my life that I want to share with you:

  • Kids growing up
    • Maia was only 1 and has a very vague memory – she always asks questions about you and loves Chichi stories.
    • Adam’s Bar Mitzvah – he wore your Tallit at his service. Was very special.
  • Tesla
    • You would LOVE this car. Both the S and X are amazing. The acceleration is exhilarating.
    • Better place went bust – that’s where we took our first electric car drive together.
  • Burning Man
    • I am now going to my 5th burning man. This is definitely an event you would like, especially with your past experiences at Esalen.
    • I wrote a note for you at the Temple. Many memorials are placed there and burned at the end. Very holy place.
  • Yoga
    • I started Hot 8 Yoga about 2 years ago, and it’s helped me relax and get stronger.
    • Both Mom and Nadav have joined me in lessons.
  • Travels
    • Santa Barbara – We rented a house on the beach when I left early to come and be with you during your final month. That gave us an appetite for the area and now we go to UCSB Family camp every year. Just completed our 6th year. Occasionally we see Dave and talk about you.
      • Trips with Mom. We have done many with our family, including:
        • London
        • Vancouver
        • RV trip and dropping Mom at Nadav’s ashram
        • Washington DC for Spring break
        • San Diego and Mexico
  • Tech advances since 2001:
    • iPhone / Android phones were already around, but they’re so much faster and more capable. They’ve replaced the computer for most people.
    • Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Apple have continued to dominate and their share prices have gone so high.

You are always in my thoughts – especially when there is something I just want to share with you. Miss you lots.

I love you, Uri