Cecil Gorfil and Dave Cumes


September 14th 2011

I would like to say a few words to Black, words of appreciation and love to a dear and trusted friend whose presence enriched our lives and taught us the true meaning of “menshlikait”

I thank you for the privilege of sharing the wonderful unconditional non judgmental friendship we have enjoyed throughout our lives.

I will always cherish the memories of times spent together alone and with our families. Times that radiated feelings of joy, warmth and togetherness, whether here in our homes, or at some remote venue in Mozambique, Kenya or the Sinai desert. Those wonderful opportunities that opened our hearts, exposed our souls and healed.

I thank you for the wise council and positive reinforcement and encouragement you gave us whenever needed.

I thank you for the teacher in you.

For the benefit of your analytical mind.

For your occasional embarrassing openness.

I thank you for your gifted ability in being able to engage with people “begova Einayim” irrespective of age, showing insight and genuine interest, always ready to be of help if required.

The twinkle in your radiant blue eyes has been extinguished, but I take comfort in that our on going relationship and involvement with Brenda and your wonderful devoted children and family will help ease the pain of your loss.

I thank you for all these and much more.

In honor and love for the memory of your life,

I pray that you are at peace.

Cecilana and family, and Dave.