Caron Bielski


It is with a profound sadness that I stand before you today to say goodbye. It has been a privilege to have been able to work alongside you for so many years as the head of the audit committee for Beit Issie. You were involved with Beit Issie from its earliest days, the commitment and devotion which you showed throughout the years never faltered. You were not just a volunteer giving of your time and knowledge, you were an integral part of everything, determined to make a difference and your impact has been immeasurable. Your eye for detail, your refusal to compromise, your integrity and modesty, straight as an arrow, determined to make the BI management at least as good as any AAA public company, the time you spent far beyond the call of duty – How are we ever going to fill this gaping hole you have left?

But more than this, you became a cherished friend, your gentleness and sense of humor, your caring and love for your wife Brenda and your children, Uri, Nadav and Tanya and your beloved grandchildren- your love of Israel , all made you the most special person and we will miss you so.

All of us at Beit Issie, Jean , Naomi and I, the members of the audit committee, the Board of BI,The trump and Stuchener family salute you for your enormous contribution to BI , we have lost a dear friend and we shall miss you.