Brenda Blackman

My Dearest Beloved

How is it possible that a year has passed
It is as though you have just left us
I am standing on the edge of this abyss
The pivot of my life no longer here
My inner compass no longer has a setting
The enormity of your absence 
The depth of your loss is devastating

Nothing in the world has prepared me for your not being here
For the space, the vacancy, the emptiness, the loss
Nothing can salve the wound that bleeds unendingly
That oozes through every memory
That withers every ray of sunshine

How do we pick up the pieces ?

Herein lies your magnificence, your power, your essence

In each and everyone of us
You have left a piece of yourself
A piece that accompanies us
So significantly
Each one of us has been touched
In your unique and special way
So relevant and meaningful 

Never can these pieces add to a whole
But in their way they hold your spirit
These pieces keep your spirit so close
So alive, so sharp, so piercing

They hold us together
They hold your being that forever ascends
And permeates our senses

We remember 
Your strength,
Your deep understanding of so many facets of life
Your never ending search for the truth, the source
Your impeccable integrity
Your ethics, your sense of accountability
All part of your deepest beliefs

And your love
Your profound caring
Look at your children and their children
Your grandchildren
Your family
Your friends
Look at the pieces embedded within us
You have passed on yourself

There lies your eternal spirit
Your eternal spirit
For eternity

Oh! My darling Black
May your name and spirit
Forever be blessed

Yehi Shimcha Baruch